Worksite Programs: Motivating Winners in the Workplace!

Do YOUR Employees “Get it?”
It’s a proven fact that healthier employees lead to Happier, more productive workers, and lower health care costs.  But do your employees to really “get it” when it comes to their own health and wellness? 

Pete Can Help!
Pete can help them make the connection. Pete won $100,000 on NBC’s hit reality show The Biggest Loserby losing 185 lbs in just 9 months. The amazing part of that? He lost most of the weight at home. That’s why he gets it.

Losing weight fast is not hard to do. Losing it forever is hard to do. And that’s what is so special about Pete’s weight loss program. He provides solid information, backed by science, delivered in educational and seminar style, that’s also inspirational and entertaining. 

The bottom line
Pete’s program gives your employees get the tools they need to lose weight fast, and transform their lives —forever!