Losing Weight is STILL a Stupid Goal…” Part 2

Sep 19, 2012 12:125 years ago

The Begining Of Weightloss ...

by Pete Thomas

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Have you ever considered exactly when is the beginning of weight loss?

To be successful at weight loss the first thing you must do is Master your Mind.

Your body will only go in the direction that your mind takes it. Goals help the mind to focus

Like everything else in life, success in weight loss starts with setting great goals.

What You Don’t Know …Matters
One is that people don’t know any better. There’s a lot of weight loss information out there, but it’s not organized very well. And weight loss teachers typically only teach part of the story, such as the exercise part or the dieting part. Or the information they teach doesn’t have a good foundation; they start with advanced concepts before teaching the basics. That is one reason I wrote my first book, Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever. It goes back to the basics and teaches lifelong weight loss—from the very beginning.

See It… Then Achieve It
Another reason people make short-sighted goals is because they lack the confidence to set aggressive goals. You’re pretty sure you can lose five pounds, but 25? And you can probably keep the weight off until August without much trouble, but keep it off forever? Mentally you cave in at the thought. Maybe you don’t know anybody who’s done it before. Well, now you do – me. I lost 185 pounds in under a year and I’ve kept it off for seven years and counting. I put all my secrets into the book, so that you can have the confidence to gain long-term health as well.

Don’t Leap.  Take Just One Step
Another reason we create bad goals is that some of us are just lazy. (For you politically correct people, let me use a kinder phrase – “action challenged.”) Losing a few short-term pounds is not hard – you just skip that unhealthy snack every night for a few weeks. But a lifetime of giving up chocolate cake? Sorry, I’ll stay fat. You know what? I get that. I’ve been there.

When you’re looking at a mountain and thinking, “I have to cross that giant thing,” it can be daunting. That’s why my weight loss method breaks it up into small, reachable steps. Climb this rock. Now reach that one. Pretty soon you are in the habit of climbing and it feels good.

You can read more about taking that first, important step in my new book, Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever.

So get informed, be confident, and start moving forward for a lifelong journey of health and purpose. And remember, There’s a Winner Within You!

Have you begun your weight-loss journey by “Mastering Your Mind?” What have you mastered thus far and what do you intend to master next?  Please share your comment below!

Decide today, right now, to set a goal to achieve and maintain a healthy goal weight and make good on that goal by taking a few small steps that you can maintain forever.

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    I will lose 90 lbs by June 2012, my son's high school graduation. I was 160 lbs when I gave birth to him. I decided to eat a salad yesterday instead of my normal ice cream sundae. I was upset with my husband.