Jaci (Team Pete)

  • "--- you don't reach Serendib by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere and lose your bearings… serendipitously."

Born amidst the Heather one sunny summer day, I lived the beginning years of my youth in bonny Scotland. The family packed up their tartan and bagpipes in my pre-teen years. My father being a US Navy man, we were transferred back to the good old US of A. I went through a few torturous years with an accent, but quickly learned to adapt to my surroundings and blend in - hermithood came naturally to me. Many people have asked what I remember most about my time abroad - my response is always the sweets! After all, Great Britain is the home of Cadburys - the best chocolatier on the planet. My weight loss journey began many years ago following the death of my husband. I've lost and put on the same 70 pounds every year for the past five years. I 'met' Pete Thomas several years ago as a fan of 'The Biggest Loser' - and I remain ... and probably will always be .. one of his biggest fans. I believe in Pete, I believe in the message he has to share, and I believe that he'll not only help me finally win the battle against my weight - but he'll help YOU too.


Online Communication Manager for Team Pete! BA Organizational Communication; AS Medical Billing and Coding. Life Coach Trained. Formerly certified Weight Loss, Wellness and Nutrition Counselor. Over 15 years experience in Marketing and Communication. Social Media and Blogging geek.


MUSIC! Romantic Comedies ... but secretly love a good Romantic Tragedy too. Oh heck ... I'm a hopeless romantic, let's be honest. FOOD! I wouldn't be here otherwise. So this passion must morph into finding healthy recipes and modifying my favorites! Genealogy - I've traced back my family tree into the the late 1700's - and my son's into the 1400's. Social Media and Blogging - though I've not had time to work on my own blog in awhile.