you can lose It Fast, Lose It Forever (LIF2)
12 Week Weight Loss Workshop will help you lose the weight
and keep it off FOREVER!

You'll learn how to:

  • Eat the foods you like and still lose weight!
  • Burn the most fat in the least amount of time!
  • Develop life-long, healthy habits!

The program focuses on:

  • Master Your Mind
  • Manage Your Mouth
  • Multiply Your Muscles

Live Weekly Sessions

Created by NBC's most successful "Biggest Loser" and Jillian Michaels' protege,
Pete Thomas, Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever (LIF2) will help you lose the weight and
keep it off forever - whether you have 15 or 150 pounds to lose!

"Put his actions into practice and see your life change in every imaginable way."

Jillian Michaels - Trainer, NBC's "The Biggest Loser"
New York Times Best Selling Author

Pete will deliver the course via video each week. You can log in at any time once the video has been released to view your lesson-making the course fit easily into your active life!
Each week you will receive an invitation to attend the Live Webinar. During the live webinar, Pete will be available to chat and answer any questions you might have.
Consider this your homework each week. Pete will offer you various challenges to complete prior to the weekly Live Q&A and Chat session!
You'll be invited to join the LIF2 Discussion group for your session, and may also join a discussion group specific to your geographic area. Drop in throughout the week to share information, post links and to GATHER GREAT TEAMMATES! Think of the Discussion Groups as your Online Support group-there 24/7 whenever you might need someone to say,"PUT THE COOKIE DOWN!"

Losing the weight and getting fit has changed my life! Pete's program helped me take inventory of both the emotional and physical aspects of my weight and quickly realize how-with the right information-weight loss is achievable. I am amazed at the body transformation I have had! At the beginning of this program I had a hard time walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Now, I can run for 2 hours without stopping!

The plan Pete has developed is a plan that I can maintain for the rest of my life!I really feel if you follow his principles you cannot fail. I really don't think you will find someone more passionate than Pete about fitness and nutrition. He is the real deal!!!

- Ann A.

I lost 32 lbs! It was great to lose it quickly because I was able to see results and use them as a motivating factor. After taking LIF2, I know that I have the tools and the ability to not only lose weight, but be fit.

I tell people who are thinking of taking LIF2 to "do it now!" If you wait 6 months you could have lost 35 lbs in that time! And Pete will motivate you. You take one look at Pete's before and after picture and you get motivated. If that guy can do it, you can too!

- Rodney F.

One of the key principles that Pete teaches is the importance of having supportive teammates and for us, that means holding each other accountable for eating healthy food, tracking calories, and getting the exercise we need whatever the time of day. Our weight-loss journey has not been easy, but it hasn't been as hard as we thought it would be, either. Thank you, Pete Thomas!!

- Sean and Molly S.

There is no program like LIF2. Why?
There is no one like Pete Thomas.
No One who has lost a massive amount of weight (over 185 lbs) and
...kept it off successfully for over 7 years, and
...understands and can teach the psychology of permanent change, and
the science of nutrition and exercise from experience, and
...who makes long term permanent weight-loss easy to understand and
implement, and
...who each day, is helping to create other successful "biggest losers" like
No one.

My goal is to challenge everything you think you know about how to be successful at weight loss. In fact, this is not about weight loss. It is about achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it, for the rest of your life! This is about making a change that will last forever. This is about a personalized program that uniquely fits into your lifestyle."

Join me and let's change you, so that we can help change others

Pete Thomas