Pete Reveals His Secrets to 20/20

Jan 2, 2013 23:035 years ago

Pete Reveals His Secrets to Permanent Weight-Loss on ABC News 20/20

Chris Connelly interviews Pete Thomas.

When the producers of ABC News 20/20 wanted to find someone to show the world how to lose weight and keep it off —whom did they call? Pete Thomas!

Identified as THE BEST individual to demonstrate and educate others on how to lose weight and keep it off, ABC News 20/20 called on Pete Thomas to share his secrets with the world on camera!

In a candid, one-on-one interview with award-winning journalist Chris Connelly, Pete shares his remarkable weight-loss journey and describes how he has kept the weight off over 7 years.

Pete also takes to the kitchen with Chris Connelly to demonstrate his secret to eating for life-long weight loss success! Pete shares with viewers his principle of modification not starvation, and other principles such as the 3 F’s—Fluid, Filler and Feast.

Pete demonstrating “modification not starvation”

Viewers also get a glimpse of Pete in his personal workout before leading his students through his signature SLIM U™ Boot Camp.

In this insightful interview, you’ll discover what Pete’s students, clients and fans already know— There is NO ONE like Pete Thomas and NO program like Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever.

If you’re looking for someone who has:

  • Lost a significant amount of weight (over 185 lbs)
  • Kept it off long-term (over 7 years)
  • Studied and can teach the psychology of permanent change, and the science of nutrition and exercise
  • Makes weight-loss easy to understand and easy to implement –long term

Pete Thomas is the one.

Watch the ABC News 20/20 segment (airing Friday, January 4, 2013) and let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Pete Thomas on set with Chris Connelly.