I lost 50 pounds in 6 months, and continue to lose more! I’m glad I lost it quickly because that kept me motivated to keep going. There is so much misinformation out there. I realized that I only thought I understood what it took to lose weight, but I was doing everything wrong. LIF2 gave me the correct information, as well as the inspiration I needed.  It is a lot easier to accept the information from someone who has been through the process, and a lot harder to make excuses! 

Stephanie A.

I honestly always wanted to lose weight, but had tried so many things and failed that I didn't find it realistic. My motivation for taking LIF2 was that it felt like it was the last option. When I first started the class I was 235lbs. Today I am currently at 182.4, so I have lost 52.6 lbs. LIF2 has definitely changed my attitude because for once I believe that I can actually achieve the goals that I am setting for myself. It has changed my self-confidence: I feel beautiful and I am worth it! If you truly want to try a program that works without restrictions, where you win at weight loss, then LIF2 is the class to take.

Jacquata L.

My husband and I used to talk about all the things we would do once we lost weight. But the conversations really felt like wishful thinking rather than something realistic. It was kind of like: "When I win the lottery I'll do..." It just didn't seem entirely possible. With Pete’s LIF2 training, I lost 60 lbs and dropped 10 sizes and my husband lost about 75 pounds.  It took only 4-5 months. By losing the weight quickly you can get to maintaining a change more quickly. Not to mention, your confidence is sky high, you look better, and you feel great. We have tried to lose weight for over 20 years unsuccessfully. Pete's program simply works. We now have the knowledge that will help to maintain our goal weights. It can't be taken away. We don't ever have to be as we once were.

Carmen H

My initial goal weight was 185 lbs, but I’ve passed that and now I’m about 175 lbs. So I’ve lost about 70 pounds. It’s absolutely a life change. And I plan on doing it forever, because I still eat the things I like. I’ve learned to modify what I like rather than deprive myself of the things I want. I can’t say enough about Pete as a motivator and a coach. He’s helped change our family’s lives. The cost of the LIF2 class is nothing if you spread it out over a lifetime, because you can change your life.


Pete’s LIF2 class has definitely given me a lot more confidence in myself. I’ve shaved off about 30% of my body fat – about 40 lbs – so I’m healthier, I’m stronger, I feel more confident when I’m out. Honestly, to me, there’s no price tag that can be put on LIF2 that would be higher than the benefits that I’ve gotten from it. If you go through the program you’ll understand that, yes, it is lose it fast, but it’s also lose it forever.  You will have all the information, all the knowledge you will ever need to understand how to lose the weight and keep it off forever. 

Chris D.

Pete talks specifically about the importance of having teammates and that you have different team members for different things. So after I lost 40 lbs, I went shopping with the girls in the beginning of September and bought new clothes, because basically, pretty much none of my dress clothes from last year fit. I’m living my life just as I was before, just a heck of a lot healthier. Pete really does have a great program that is able to help people see some success very quickly.

Ellen D.

I have lost 32 lbs, before weight 216, after 184. It was great to lose it quickly because I was able to see results and use them as a motivating factor. After taking LIF2, I know that I have the tools and the ability to not only lose weight, but be fit. I'm 41 and have young children, so I need to be around this rock for another 60 years. I tell people who are thinking of taking LIF2 to “do it now!” If you wait 6 months you could have lost 35 lbs. And Pete will motivate you - if you've had a hard time believing what other people say, you take one look at Pete's before and after pictures, and you get motivated. If that guy can do it, you can!

Rodney F.